Paddy Frogs with Bitter Gourd


Paddy Frogs with Bitter Gourd

2 paddy frogs

2 small bitter gourds


Wash the paddy frogs. Then, cut the bitter gourds in half, remove the cores, put them at the bottom of the stewing container and place the paddy frogs on top. Add adequate water and double boil for 2 hours before serving.

Paddy frog is cool 凉 in nature and sweet 甘 in flavor. It reinforces weakness and insufficiency, relieves heat and induces diuresis. On the other hand, bitter gourd is refreshing, cooling and detoxifying. Both are a great match!

This food therapy is suitable for treating heatiness, fever and heat-toxicity generated during chemotherapy.

Provided by Mrs Lim Connie.

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